One of the most remarkable point of ROCK is the 5 m² balcony located in the owner’s stateroom. Controllable by a touch panel from within the owner’s suite, the panel is equipped with child protection and enables you to switch on the balcony’s underwater light to enjoy during nighttime


ROCK's 55 m² lounge deck has an open plan layout and gives space for a 12 persons dining table, a fully equipped minibar and a lounge area with changeable sofas. Sunshade is given by two umbrellas and the soft top is closable with removable canvas


At top of the ROCK, a 15 m² private deck with jacuzzi is located. This area gives you complete privacy to enjoy sunbathing or a relaxing plunge in the jacuzzi


ROCK is also an assertive yacht being the safest pleasure craft under 24 m. The sprinkler system is responsible for interior fire safety and FM200 is protecting the whole engine space. The fire detection system is working for all areas on board. Rock is also equipped with a central bilge and other firefighting systems


ROCK is equipped with Mastervolt lithium ion batteries which makes her capable to run AC, hotel load and the stabilizer system for 12 hours without running the generators. This gives the opportunity to make ROCK a complete silent vessel during night time and results in more fuel efficiency and less workload for the generators during the whole lifespan of ROCK!


As a true explorer ROCK is capable of doing long range cruising with her 11.000 liters fuel capacity. At economical speed she is able to do 3.000 nm at 9 knots